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Never Miss A Worship at Tao's Ultra Nightclub!

DJ Damaged Goods holds court like a boss every Worship Thursday at the Tao Nightclub. This dude's been spinning tracks for over two decades, so he's no stranger around the world....especially in Las Vegas!

DJ Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods setting the stage on fire!

Step into TAO, and you're stepping into DJ Damaged Goods' domain, where the dance floor becomes a portal to another dimension. From the moment he takes the stage, anticipation crackles in the air, and as the first notes hit, the crowd erupts into a frenzy of movement and ecstasy.

What sets DJ Damaged Goods apart is his ability to tap into the collective consciousness of the crowd, guiding them on a journey through sound that transcends the spirit within Tao. He's not just spinning tracks...he creates uplifting vibes that will get you goin all night.

But it's not just about the music; it's about the connection forged between DJ and spectators, a symbiotic relationship that elevates the experience to new heights in the dimly lit atmosphere filled with a vibe you don't want to miss! Get your Worship Thursday tickets today!

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